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Sarah Hlavaty

Austin, TX

Tattoos and Fine Art

Welcome!  I'm Sarah, a tattoo artist who also works with fine art.  I'm based out of Austin, TX and occasionally travel out for guest spots, which I update on here and my social media.  Take some time to check out my portfolio and art pieces I have available - if anything catches your eye, let me know!

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In early 2019, I left my original home studio of seven years to travel out and guest spot at other high quality studios.  I now work in a private room at Deep Well Tattoo Studio in Round Rock,TX.

I've traveled back to In The Skin, Shaman Modifications in Austin, TX, and Ink & Steel in Joshua Tree, CA for guest spots so far! I look forward to adding on to that list, while making new friends and sharing my experiences along the way.


Feel free to look through my portfolio and concepts, and follow what I'm  up to on Instagram!

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- ABOUT me -

Born in Texas, I grew up around the state until I graduated and moved to Arizona to study Graphic Design & Animation.  I've loved art since being introduced to "Beavis and Butthead" at the early age of four, and was inspired to learn and share that joy with others.  Since then, I've adopted techniques that have helped my talent evolve over time.

I took a chance to start my tattoo apprenticeship in 2012 and found my calling.  In 2019 I left my first tattoo home to meet new artists and friends, and travel to different areas.  I ultimately found Shaman Modifications in Austin, where I worked with some fantastic people for a couple years, and have found a new home at Deep Well Tattoo.  I plan to continue guest spotting at high quality studios and look forward to expanding my reach.

I'm experienced in many mediums and techniques that carry over into my tattoo styles.  I create intricate and flowing images where realism and neo-traditional meet.  I love to combine bold and fine line work with contrasting tones, shading, and details that give a dynamic feel to my designs.  I want to create something that will keep distinguished and defined as it ages with you through the years.


I work by appointment only and ask that you read the information in my Tattoo and FAQs tabs before booking with me!  Please contact me at least a couple months in advance of when you'd like to book your session, since I schedule several weeks out and require time to draw your design ahead of the session!


- portfolios -


Tattoo Gallery


Concept Gallery

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Digital and Fine Art