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My name is Sarah Hlavaty, a tattoo artist based out of Texas.  I'm a resident artist at Deep Well Tattoo studio in Round Rock.

I'm in love with and completely devoted to my work!  I'm self-taught in my fine art pieces (oil and acrylic paints, graphite/pencils, and others).  My educational courses in digital art and graphic design, along with over ten years of tattooing experience, introduced methods that have helped me grow and evolve in my styles.


My tattoo apprenticeship began in early 2012 at In The Skin Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Victoria, TX, and I've been tattooing ever since.  I'm committed to providing high-quality artwork that you will be extremely proud of for years to come.  I plan to travel around to other studios for guest spots with everything opening up a bit more post-COVID, and can't wait to meet you on my path!

I enjoy creating pieces which are unique and personal to each individual I work with.  I can tattoo in a wide variety of styles. I tend to gravitate toward ornamental styles, Neo-traditional with realistic shading, and  surrealistic and illustrative concepts.  I especially love using vibrant, contrasting colors or greyshade, and intricate detail.

My rate and booking process are available here; if you have any questions feel free to message me!


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